Dean's Award For Enterprise Scholarship In The UK 2022-2023

Everything You Need To Know About Dean's Award For Enterprise Scholarship In The UK 2022-2023

Loughborough University London is a prestigious institution in the United Kingdom that was established specifically for postgraduate study and research in various fields. The university is well-known for its high teaching quality and the support provided by its team that helps students develop and excel in the field of their choice. 

The university strives to provide the best experience for research students by collaborating with pioneering researchers, prominent thought leaders, and inspiring innovators. The university offers several scholarship programs that ease the financial load of students and help them excel in their field of study. The Dean's Award for Enterprise Scholarship is one such initiative. 

Here, in this article, we have gathered all the important details regarding the scholarship to help you understand the eligibility, process, and essential criteria to qualify for the scholarship program.

 Loughborough University Dean's Award For Enterprise Scholarship

The Loughborough University Dean's Award for Enterprise Scholarship aims to motivate business-minded students to design and develop ingenious business ideas. Successful candidates who create an innovative idea will receive a 90% tuition fee waiver for their postgraduate program. 

Along with the waiver, students will also receive a Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) Start-up Fund and bookable advice sessions with the university's Entrepreneur in Residence. The university will encourage students to participate in the pre-accelerator program as well. The postgraduate package also includes support and activities from the university's careers and employability team and the Loughborough Enterprise Network throughout the year. 

Who Can Apply For The Loughborough University Dean's Award For Enterprise Scholarship?

Students must fulfill certain criteria to become eligible for the Loughborough University Dean's Award for Enterprise Scholarship. The essential requirements to apply for the scholarship are as follows:
  • You must have applied for a postgraduate program at the university and have received a conditional or unconditional offer to study in a master's degree program. 
  • You have a strong will to contribute to society and want to bring about a positive change with your initiatives. 
Eligible Postgraduate Courses For The Scholarship 

Below is the list of all the eligible postgraduate programs to apply for the scholarship program. 
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics 
  • MSc Cyber Security and Data Analytics 
  • MSc Design and Branding 
  • MSc Design Innovation Management 
  • MSc Diplomacy, Business, and Trade 
  • MSc Digital Creative Media 
  • MSc Data-Driven Design 
  • MSc Disability Design Innovation 
  • MSc Digital Entrepreneurship 
  • MSc Digital Innovation Management 
  • MSc Digital Marketing 
  • MSc Digital Finance 
  • MSc Diplomacy and International Governance 
  • MSc Diplomacy, Politics, and Trade 
  • MA/MSc Design Innovation 
  • MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management 
  • MSc Entrepreneurship, Finance and Innovation 
  • MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
  • MA Global Communication and Social Change 
  • MSc International Management and Emerging Economies 
  • MSc International Management 
  • MSc International HRM 
  • MSc International Sustainable Development 
  • MSc International Development 
  • MSc International Project Management 
  • MSc Managing Innovation in Creative Organisations 
  • MSc Media and Creative Industries 
  • MSc Risk, Governance, and International Management 
  • MSc Security, Peacebuilding, and Diplomacy 
  • MSc Service Design Innovation 
  • MSc Sport Marketing 
  • MSc Sport Business and Innovation 
  • MSc Sports Analytics and Technologies 
  • MSc Sport Business and Leadership 
  • MSc Sustainable Sport Business 
How To Apply For The Loughborough University Dean's Award For Enterprise Scholarship?

To apply for the Loughborough University Dean's Award for Enterprise Scholarship, you need to visit the official website of Loughborough University London. You need to fill out the scholarship form with the following information: 
  • You must provide your first, last, and email addresses. 
  • You must have the application number you received at the time of enrolment. 
  • The postgraduate course that you applied to. 
  • An explanation of your business idea both in a sentence and a paragraph of 100 words. 
  • Provide the reason for selecting you for the scholarship in about 200 words. 
  • Demonstrate the need for support from the university for the particular business idea that you are offering. Explain your future contributions to the entrepreneurial community at the university. 
  • You need to upload a pitch video of exactly 90 seconds. 
  • You also need to upload a presentation containing a maximum of five slides that explains your business plan or idea. 
Important Points To Keep in Mind

The selection process will be based on your capability to think innovatively and whether you have an enterprising mind. 
You should also demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of the costs associated with pursuing a postgraduate degree. 
You must highlight that you have a strong motivation for opting for the choice of your postgraduate program. 
You should also prove that you have the means to cover the remaining 10% of the tuition fee and other costs associated with your course. 
Once you are shortlisted for the scholarship, you will have to attend a short video interview. 
If you have received any other scholarship from Loughborough University, the Dean's Award for Enterprise Scholarship will replace them. You will only receive this particular scholarship upon selection. The scholarship applies to only those students enrolled at Loughborough University. 
If you wish to apply with a paper version of the application or find trouble with the online application, you can email for a paper version of the application form. 
If you submit the paper version of the scholarship application, you do not need to fill out the online one. The selection process is the sole decision of the university committee, and you have to agree with the university's final decision. 

Last Date Of Submission For The Loughborough University Dean's Award For Enterprise Scholarship 

You must complete the application process and submit all the relevant documents and information by July 31st, 2022, before midnight. The scholarship portal will close after this, and no submissions will be considered. 

Wrapping Up

Loughborough University London is one of the world's most sought-after universities for postgraduate studies. The university offers a wide range of master's degree programs that enable students to become world leaders in their relevant fields. Among the several scholarships provided by the university, the Loughborough University Dean's Award for Enterprise Scholarship offers a 90% tuition fee waiver. It encourages students to come up with innovative business ideas to transform the world economy.

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