Queensland University Scholarships in Australia for 2022-2023

Queensland University Scholarships in Australia for 2022-2023 

The University of Queensland is well-known in Australia and has many students coming here to pursue their higher studies. A public research university in Brisbane, the University of Queensland was founded by the Queensland parliament in 1909. International students are invited to study at the Queensland University International Science, and yearly Scholarships are granted to international beginner students depending on their academics and financial condition. 

If you have a good academic record and are invited to apply for the Science International Scholarships at the Queensland University of Australia, your wish to get free education through this science scholarship will come true. 

Few Highlights of The University of Queensland 

The University of Queensland provides you with a bachelor’s, master’s, a doctorate, or higher doctoral degree. 
  1.  The university has research centers like the Institute of Molecular Bioscience, the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Boeing Research and Technology Australia Center, and the UQ Dow Center for Sustainable Engineering Innovation, offering research programs. 
  2. Few of the current noteworthy works include the invention of the HPV vaccine for preventing cervical cancer, a Covid-19 vaccine at the stage of human trials, and the manufacturing of high-performance superconducting MRI magnets for portable scanning of human limbs. 
  3. The Queensland University boasts two Nobel Laureates, Peter C Doherty and John Harsanyi, among its ex and former staff, over a hundred Olympians who have won gold medals, and 117 Rhodes Scholars. Few former staff also include big names like Saw Hawgood, the first female Governor-General of Australia, Dame Quentin Bryce, Ed Byrne, the former President of King’s College, Oscar awards winner Geoffrey Rush and current director of multiple organizations like the IBM, among many others. 
Who Can Apply for the Scholarship Program? 
You can apply for the International Science scholarships provided by the Queensland Science University in Australia if: 
  • You are an international student. 
  • You have a student visa for the whole of the scholarship period. 
  • You are commencing with your scholarship at the university. 
  • You are starting the UQ Faculty of Science program with a minimum one-year time period. 
  • You have an eligibility program offered by the University Gatton campus in 2022. 
  • You have accepted the conditions of your offer by the closing date. 
  • Have a strong academic background in your previous studies. 
The Selection Process, Interview, and Venue details for Science International Scholarships

The university will select you based on a few factors: 
  • Your previous academic results details based on the academic data presented by you to your Queensland University Professor of Science Program Application. 
  • Your submitted details to the Science International Scholarships and Applications that show your capacity to create and contribute to the science at the university. 
Since Queensland University gives preferences to diversity and inclusion, they may consider your application. 

Procedure for Application

You can submit the completed online application form along with a personal statement with a 300-word limit. All supporting documents have to be attached before the application is submitted. 

Applications have to be submitted by 30th June 2022. 


This university forms one of the six sandstone universities, which include the informal designations of the other older universities in the state. 

This university was ranked second on a national level by the Australian Research Council in their latest research. 

It is a founding member of Australia’s Leading Group of Eight, edX, and also the Pacific Rim Universities, the research-intensive association at the international level. St Lucia Campus, the main one, is spread over the riverside of the inner suburbs of St Lucia, and the others are spread throughout Queensland.

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