The Sakuko Matsui Australia - Japan Friendship Scholarship 2022 - 2023

Everything You Must Know About The Sakuko Matsui Australia - Japan Friendship Scholarship 2022-2023

The University of Sydney is a public research university located in Australia. It is ranked in the top 50 universities globally and is known for its focus on education, research, and employability. It offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research courses to students. 

Aside from academics, it also focuses on helping students develop interpersonal skills through various extracurricular programs. The campus is big and has a lot of facilities, making it a suitable environment for learning. 

The scholarship details

The scholarship is funded by associate professor Sakuko Matsui to foster cultural and intellectual relationships between Australia and Japan and to support the students of the University of Sydney. 
  • It aims to support an undergraduate or postgraduate student in the department of Japanese studies. 
  • If the scholarship is terminated under any circumstances of misconduct by the recipient or for any other reasons under the terms and conditions, the university has the right to demand the reimbursement of scholarship funds awarded to the recipient. 
 What are the criteria to be eligible for the scholarship? 

Certain criteria need to be fulfilled in order to apply for this particular scholarship and benefit from it. 
  • In the case of domestic students, the applicant needs to be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate research degree in Japanese studies in the school of languages and cultures and the faculty of arts and social sciences. 
  • All studies related to Japanese modern and premodern culture, history, language, society, and literature qualify as Japanese studies. 
  • In the case of international students, the applicant needs to be enrolled at the University of Sydney and currently reside or plan to reside at the women's college. 
  • The applicant needs to have proficiency in the English language. 
The process of applying for the scholarship

The scholarship can be applied for through the official website of the University of Sydney. First, the admission application must be submitted, followed by the scholarship application. The forms must be submitted online, along with the relevant documents, if required. 

The selection process for the scholarship

The applicant will be selected based on several factors related to their home life, areas of study, and budget plan. These factors are given below. 
  • Academic merit. 
  • Area of study or research proposal. 
  • A personal statement detailing the reasons the candidate has applied for the scholarship, the purpose of their travel to Japan for studies, and a brief overview of their financial situation. 
  • A budget for the costs that will be undertaken. 
  • A description of the financial hardship. 
  • Proof of residency or planned residency at the Women's college. 
The following student types will be given preference (ranked in order): 
  • Domestic postgraduate research students who plan to travel to Japan for their research. 
  • Domestic undergraduate or postgraduate research students who are financially disadvantaged. 
  • Domestic postgraduate research students who live at the Women's college and plan to travel to Japan for their research. 
  • International candidates who are from Japan and currently live or plan to live at the women's college. 
The benefits of the scholarship
  • The scholarship will be very beneficial for assisting the research and education of the selected candidate. The scholarship has a maximum value of $8000 which will be specified on the offer letter. 
  • The scholarship will be paid at one time upon receipt of the scholarship acceptance form. 
  • The scholarship has to be used for the purpose it was given. 
  • No other amount is payable. 
  • The scholarship will be offered as long as the funding is available. 
  • The exact value will be given in the offer letter. 
Conditions for terminating the scholarship 

The scholarship will be terminated under certain conditions and will not be reinstated unless the fault lies with the university. 
  • The selected candidate withdraws an application for a course or doesn't enroll in a course. 
  • The selected candidate fails to maintain satisfactory academic scores. 
  • The selected candidate is found guilty of misconduct by the university through false or deceptive information provided in their scholarship application. 
  • The selected candidate does not resume their studies after returning from an approved leave. 
  • In the case of postgraduate students, the scholarship will be terminated once the thesis is submitted and the award received. 
  • It will also be terminated once the candidate has completed the maximum candidature for their degree as per the University of Sydney. 

The Sakuko Matsui scholarship is very beneficial to students seeking to get a Japanese studies degree and carry out research in that field. The costs are reduced significantly, and they can improve their research by traveling to Japan without worrying about their finances.

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