Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships in the UK for 2022-2023

Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships in the UK for 2022-2023

Studying in the UK is often a dream for several students. Studying at a reputable university in the UK can give you the boost you need to push your career to the stair of success. But sometimes, the only thing that stands between you and your studies at a university in the UK is the funding. But if you are considering applying for a scholarship, you will be happy to know that Bournemouth University is offering Sports Scholarships in the UK for 2022/2023. 

Many people from a sports background struggle to get a scholarship but do not worry, as Bournemouth University has made things easier for such students. 

We have collected all the essential information that you need for applying to the Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships and framed this article. 

What are Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships? 

The Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships are being offered to the top-level sports athletes who come to study either at the postgraduate level or undergraduate level at Bournemouth University. 

The applicants need to showcase excellence in their selected sport and be a part of an International, National, or regional squad, and then eventually compete at that level. But the athletes who are receiving a scholarship will get the opportunity to represent Bournemouth University in the BUCS program and also, and they can represent their club at international, national, or regional levels. 

What is covered under Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships? 

The Scholarship has been made available to offer you the funding you will need to grow your sporting potential and elevate it to the next level. All the applicants are eligible to apply for up to 5,000 pounds of funding and use this money for travel expenses, coaching, competition entry fees, equipment, or support services. 

Criteria to apply for Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships in the UK for 2022/2023:

If you want to apply for Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships in the United Kingdom, you have to make sure that the below-given criteria are fulfilled: 
The applicant must be a top-performing sportsperson. 
The candidate must have the urge to develop in the academic and sports field. 
The applicant must apply for full-time postgraduate and undergraduate programs at Bournemouth University. 
Candidates applying for the Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships must have excellence in the selected sport. 
The applicant must be a part of the International, National, or regional squad and compete at that particular level. 
The candidate should attend the trial process and must be evaluated by a coach as part of the Sports Scholarship application of Bournemouth University. 
The applicant needs to be supported by a top-performing or National Governing Body coach. 
Every candidate must send two references in case their selected sport is outside the BUCS program. 

How to apply for Bournemouth University Sports Scholarships in the UK for 2022/2023? 

The Bournemouth University Sports Scholarship Application Form is to be filled up by the candidates correctly. The Bournemouth University recommends the students draft their answers before completing the application. In a single sitting, the online application process needs to be completed. 

If you have any kind of problem with filling the form, you can email at or straightaway call them. Make sure that the application has support from a reference from a high-performance coach or a governing body coach. 

You need to log in to the official website and input your details to start the registration process. Then, you will need to follow the on-screen instructions for successfully submitting the application form after completing four pages. 


Bournemouth University welcomes people from several backgrounds to participate in the process without discrimination. However, you need to ensure that you have an excellent performance, are armed with leadership and communication skills, and have the drive and passion for excelling in academics and sports.

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