Clark University Jonas Clark Scholarship for International Students in the USA 2022-2023

Clark University Jonas Clark Scholarship for International Students in the USA 2022-2023

It is a dream of several students and individuals to study in a reputed university in the USA. It is an opportunity that can transform the career of those individuals and give them the boost they need to climb the ladder of success. 
But not everyone gets their dream fulfilled, and the most common reason behind this is the lack of funding or the inability to pay off the expenses to study in the USA. Here is the good news for you if you are among those individuals, Clark University, one of the most reputed universities in the USA, is offering Jonas Clark Scholarship for students across the globe in the academic year 2022/2023. 

In this article, we have listed everything that you need to know about the Jonas Clark Scholarship and get your dream fulfilled. Follow this article to know more about it. 

What is Jonas Clark Scholarship? 

The Jonas Clark Scholarship is for the incoming students who have successfully shown their potential to challenge the convention and can transform the world and make it a better place. 

In case you are an international high school student, you can be eligible for scholarships to help pay for your undergraduate education cost at Clark University. 

This scholarship was named after the founder, Jonas Clark, who wants to establish an educational model that will create bold and freethinking students across the world. 

Benefits of the scholarships: 

The eligible scholars for the Jonas Clark Scholarship will get a $56,000 four-year award ($14,000 every year) regardless of the financial needs of the family. Also, the year-to-year continuation requirements will be taken care of by the scholarship program. 

Eligibility criteria for Jonas Clark Scholarship: 

The eligibility of the candidate is dependent on their academic achievement that is indicated on the admission application and not on the needs of your family. The eligibility for scholarships depends on academic accomplishments. The international students who can qualify for the scholarships are expected to showcase their ability to cover a significant percentage of the education cost. On average, the international students at Clark pay $ 35,000 every year. 

How to apply?

To apply for Jonas Clark Scholarship, you need to send your admission application. Then, if you are eligible, you will be automatically assessed for several merit scholarships, and Jonas Clark Scholarship is one of the merit scholarships. 

Also, when you are awarded Jonas Clark Scholarship, you will be informed of the right time when you will get your admissions decision. 

The admitted students who have an excellent performance in secondary school or whose impeccable personal qualities and academic achievements indicate that they are going to perform at the top level when they are enrolled at the university will be given the highest priority for these awards. The decision about the scholarship will be received by an admitted student based on their academic qualification as stated in the admission application. 

The students who have greater financial need than the scholarship amount may be eligible for other assistance through a combination of work-study, loans, and grants. 

If you want to apply for the scholarship, all you need to do is visit the official website of Clark University and apply with the necessary documents. Then you need to wait for their response and see if you are eligible for Jonas Clark Scholarship or not. 


Clark University has brought this huge opportunity for you so that you can excel in your career and be the change that the world needs. You need to be disciplined and must have the drive to do something better, and you need to be passionate about whatever you do. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity might be the thing that can spark your efforts and maximize them for something better.

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