DAAD Scholarships For Master Studies: A Comprehensive Guide 2022 -2023

DAAD Scholarships For Master Studies: A Comprehensive Guide 2022 -2023 

Studying at a well-reputed university in Germany is a dream for many students. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can help transform your career and take you up the ladder of success. 

Funding should not be an obstacle in your path to learning. If you are thinking about applying for scholarships to study in Germany, DAAD offers an excellent program for study scholarships in master’s studies for all academic disciplines. 

Here, we have gathered all the information you need about DAAD scholarships and how you can apply to make your dream of studying in Germany come to life. Let’s get started! 

What Are DAAD Scholarships For Master's Studies? 

The German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD, is a student funding organization that helps German and international students continue their education by providing yearly scholarships. Graduates from any discipline can apply for DAAD scholarships for master’s studies. The scholarship for master’s studies begins on the 1st of October in the following year. It can start early if you opt for a German language course before your study program. 

DAAD funds your studies and helps you complete your master’s degree program either at a state-recognized university in Germany or study a year of post-graduation in Germany and complete your degree there. Take a look at some of the essential information you need before applying for the scholarships. 

Criteria for Applying for DAAD Master Studies Scholarship

To apply for the scholarship, you must fall into one of the following categories: 

  1. You are a highly qualified graduate with a bachelor’s or diploma degree that you either have completed or will complete before the commencement of the study program in Germany. 
  2. You have a degree in performing arts, music, fine arts, architecture, design, or film. In this case, DAAD provides subject-specific scholarship programs. 
Duration Of The Scholarship Funding
  • The length of the funding varies depending on your study program. Here are the details of the duration that the scholarship will cover. 
  • According to your study program, there is funding between 10 and 24 months. 
  • If your course is two years in duration and you have a good academic track record, you can get additional funding after the first year of your study program. 
  • You can get a scholarship for the second year of your studies if you are already enrolled in a postgraduate or master’s program in Germany. In this case, however, you can not exceed your funding. 
What Will The Scholarship Cover?

The DAAD scholarship for master’s studies is comprehensive funding that covers most of your expenses in Germany. The following are included in the scholarship. 
  • A monthly scholarship amount of 861 euros. 
  • Insurance that covers health, accidents, and personal liability. 
  • The travel allowance depends on your country of origin. 
  • One-off study allowance 
You may also receive the following benefits under certain circumstances. 
Subsidized monthly rent. 
If you have accompanying members, a monthly allowance for them. 
If you have a disability or a chronic illness, you can also get a subsidy for additional costs due to your condition that is not covered by other funding. 

DAAD Services For the German Language Courses

DAAD offers assistance in learning the German language to prepare you for your stay in Germany. The organization helps in the following ways: 

Once you receive the Scholarship Award Letter, DAAD will pay for an online German language course of your choice. 

If you choose to continue your German language course along with your Master’s studies, DAAD will provide an allowance for the course during the scholarship period. 

In addition, DAAD will also reimburse the fees for TestDaF or DSH tests that you took either in Germany during the scholarship period or in your home country after getting the Scholarship Award Letter. 

Note: It is mandatory to take a language course if your chosen Master’s study program is in the German language. DAAD will decide whether to provide funds and the duration for which it will be given according to your language skills and project. 

Selection Procedure For DAAD Master's Study Scholarship

The selection procedure involves several steps that an independent selection committee conducts while reviewing your application. The committee includes several specialist scientists that go through your scholarship application and decide whether it is eligible for a scholarship. The selection process involves the following criteria: 

Academic Qualification

You need to provide your documented academic qualifications, including certificates, curriculum vitae (CV), language certificates, and reference(s). It can also comprise academic achievements and the duration of the prior study programs. 

Quality Of Study Project

To assess the quality of the study project, you must submit information about your preferred Master's program, a motivation letter, proof of language proficiency, reference(s), and, if applicable, a letter of admission to a German university. 

It should include your personal and academic reasons for the chosen project and for choosing the particular university/institution. 

The committee will examine the quality of your study project by scrutinizing the preliminary information and contacting the host institution regarding the preparation and presentation of the project. 

The committee will also scrutinize the integration of your study project in Germany into your academic career and its connection with your academic or professional viewpoint. 

Other Criteria

Additional requirements include your curriculum vitae and other certificates, if applicable. The committee will analyze additional knowledge and skills you have, including professional and voluntary activities. 

It will also examine your involvement in academic self-governance and higher education policy issues, as well as your political, social, and cultural commitments. In special circumstances, the committee may also consider special life situations regarding which you provide details in the application. 

How To Apply For A DAAD Master's Study Scholarship? 

The funding for a master’s study by DAAD usually commences on the 1st of October of the academic session of the following year after your application. If you have opted for a German language course, it can begin earlier than the specified date. To apply for the scholarship, you have to follow the steps mentioned below. 
  • You must register at the DAAD application portal using a valid email address. You will receive a verification code in your email that you can use on the registration portal. Once you have completed this step, you can provide your details. If you need help registering at the portal, you can contact the DAAD hotline at +49 228/882–8888 or via email at portal@daad.de. 
  • After successfully registering on the DAAD portal, you can start your application by selecting the master program and reading the instructions on the page. You will also learn when you need to apply for the scholarship. You can then proceed to the Submitting an Application tab. 
  • You must download and complete the online application form to apply for the scholarship online through the portal. You should have all the necessary documents and the application form in PDF format to be uploaded on the portal. If your documents are not in German or English, you must translate them to one of these languages before uploading. 
  • Once everything is ready, you can upload the application form along with the relevant documents in PDF format to the portal. If you have translated documents, you must also upload the original ones. You can then submit your application. 
  • You should not submit work samples with the documents provided in the application. Once the organization has received your submission, they will send a link via email to upload the work sample within two weeks of receiving your application. 
Scholarship Information For Music And Architecture Graduates

There are additional requirements and information for music, architecture, design/fine art/film, and performing art graduates. These are mentioned below. 

Graduates of music must have a first degree in the field of music when commencing the scholarship period. If you do not have a first degree, you must prove that you have exhausted all the training options available for the instrument in your country. 

Along with the funding mentioned above, you will also get monetary assistance for master’s studies, participation in master classes, and concert exam preparation. Your application will be reviewed by a special German committee comprising music professors at German colleges of music who will analyze your application and sound recordings. 


Graduates of architecture, monument conservation, urban planning/development, landscape planning, landscape architecture, and interior design can apply for the master’s study scholarship. You should note that the scholarship program is only for projects in the design/projects area. 

When selecting the program for master’s study, you have to ensure that they provide a minimum number of credit points according to ECTS for the project/design area. If the master’s program does not have a minimum credit, you cannot apply for a DAAD scholarship for master’s study. Alternatively, you can apply for a scholarship in the field of history of architecture or if you have a scientific project. 

Additional Important Information Regarding The DAAD Master Study Scholarship
  • Apart from the above information, you need to know the following details about the DAAD master’s study scholarship. 
  • There is no age limit for applying for the scholarship. However, if you have a gap between your first degree and the chosen master’s program in Germany, you will have to provide the necessary reason for the same. 
  • You must submit a letter of motivation stating your reasons for pursuing the master’s program in Germany. It is a mandatory document that should include your professional and personal reasons for choosing the course, institution, and country. It should also have your educational qualifications, specialized skills and knowledge, and any academic and/or professional achievements, if applicable. 
  • If you have plans to work part-time during the scholarship period, you must have the approval of DAAD before taking up any employment. DAAD will then substantiate the work and ensure it does not hinder your study program. If your income exceeds 450 euros per month, DAAD will deduct the amount from your monthly scholarship allowance. 
  • You must remember that an independent, voluntary selection committee reviews your application by analyzing the documents you provide. You must ensure that the information you provide them is relevant and up to par. In some cases, the best applicants might also have to introduce themselves, either in person or virtually, to the committee. 
  • Before beginning the application, you should get advice from the local DAAD office. You can find the address of the local DAAD at www.daad.de/adressen. Alternatively, you can contact the DAAD info center online at www.daad.de/contactform

Using the information in this article, you can begin your journey to get your master’s degree in Germany. You can get more information regarding the application procedure on the official website of DAAD. Note that the exact procedure varies according to the country of origin.

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