Rhodes Trust Global Scholarships for the International Students at the University of Oxford in the UK for 2022-2023

Everything You Need to Know About Rhodes Trust Global Scholarships for the International Students at the University of Oxford in the UK for 2022-2023 

It is a dream for many students to study at the University of Oxford because this opportunity can change your lifestyle and career, which will help you in the future. However, often funding proves to be problematic in the career of learning. But there is good news for you if you are considering visiting the UK and studying at the University of Oxford. Rhodes Trust Global Scholarships will help you out. 

In this article, we have collected all the possible information that you need to acquire the scholarship and get admission to your dream University. 

What are Rhodes Trust Global Scholarships?

Rhodes Trust is a top-rated global organization that uses its networks worldwide to bring together humankind from multiple perspectives and backgrounds. It helps in establishing ideas and adapting to changing circumstances. 

In twenty constituencies, Rhodes Trust Global Scholarships have been awarded. At present, Rhodes Trust offers two new Global Scholarships that will allow candidates from the rest of the world to apply. 

What will Rhodes Trust Global Scholarships cover?

The Rhodes Trust Global Scholarship will cover the University of Oxford’s course fees and provide an annual stipend. With the stipend, the scholars can pay their living expenses, including accommodation. 

The number of years covered by the Global Scholarship depends on your chosen course. 

Following the selection, the Global Scholarship will cover the fee needed for applying to study at Oxford. The scholarship will cover the student visa fee and the associated IHS that allows international students to access the Nation Health Service of the UK. Also, Rhodes Trust is going to cover two economy class flights so that students can come to the UK and leave the country after the end of the course. 

After the students arrive in Oxford, Rhodes Trust is also going to offer a settling allowance. Also, they will guide them in covering the visa renewal fee and other applications for IHS. 

Criteria to apply for Rhodes Trust Global Scholarships:

Rhodes Selection Committees are in search of young persons having exceptional character, intellect, dedication, and leadership for serving.

If you want to apply for the Global Scholarship, you need to get yourself aligned with the following requirements: 
  • Scholastic and literary achievements. 
  • Must be able to use talents to make out the most in areas like artistic pursuits, theatre, dance, debate, music, sports, and teamwork. 
  • Courage, truth, dedication to duty, devotion, protection of and sympathy for the weak, fellowship, unselfishness, and kindliness. 
  • The person must have the intention to lead and take an interest in others. 
The eligibility standards are given below: 
  • Citizenship and residency: From any nation across the world. 
  • Age: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years old and not more than 24 years old on 1st October in the application year. Depending on the local environment, things may vary on the upper age limit all over the constituencies. You must see the exact requirements carefully as per your constituency before applying. The successful applicants will get to come to Oxford in October after the selection process. The Scholarship may not get postponed. 
  • Education: The candidates must have complicated their Bachelor’s Degree before visiting the University of Oxford with high standards that meet the criteria of both Oxford and Rhodes. You need to consult the perfect information offered by the constituency in which you are applying. 
How to apply for Rhodes Trust Global Scholarships? 

The candidates need to visit the official website of Rhodes Trust and check their eligibility before applying. You need to enter the country's name and see if it is eligible. Then, you need to follow the on-screen instruction, fill out the form, and do as it say. 


By making the information available in this article, you can start your journey to get your degree from the University of Oxford. But it is always better to visit the official website of Rhodes Trust and learn more about the selection procedure. You must know that the exact process varies from one country to another.

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