Monash University’s Singapore alumni ASEAN scholarship 2022 - 2023

All About Monash University’s Singapore alumni ASEAN scholarship 2022 - 2023

Monash University is a leading global university that supports campus, remote and blended learning to make education more accessible. It is ranked in the world’s top 100 universities and is recognized for its excellence in teaching and research. It focuses on preparing students for a wide range of careers, and surveys show that 80% of graduates are employed within four months of completing their degree. 

The Singapore alumni ASEAN scholarship was created to provide quality education to academically gifted students who did not have the resources to apply for the same. 

The scholarship details

The Singapore alumni ASEAN scholarship was created and funded by a group of Monash alumni residing and working in Singapore who wished to make international education available to outstanding students.

It is available for undergraduate international students.
It is awarded to one student per year. 

What are the criteria to be eligible for the scholarship? 

The scholarship was explicitly created by the Monash alumni to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged students who desire to learn but lack the resources to do so. Therefore, applicants must fulfill certain criteria to qualify for the scholarship. 
  • The applicant has to be a resident of an ASEAN country. 
  • The applicant has to have applied for a proper full-time course in any field at Monash University, at an Australian campus. 
  • The applicant must be pursuing a single degree. 
  • The applicant has to have never studied at Monash University before. 
  • The applicant must have come from a low-income household and provide proof of that. 
  • The applicant must not have studied at the university level at any institution before. 
  • The applicant must know the English language. 
The process of applying for the scholarship 

The scholarship can be applied for online through the website by submitting the online application form. You can also download an offline application form and mail your documents to with the subject line Singapore Alumni ASEAN scholarship – (name of the applicant). 

Applicants will have to submit a course application. For the scholarship candidates, the fee of a hundred Australian dollars will be waived. When submitting your scholarship application, you are instructed to request a waiver code from 

The selection process for the scholarship 

The beneficiary of the scholarship will be selected based on both these factors, uncontrolled and controlled. 

Outstanding academic performance and financial difficulties. 
The personal aspirations of the applicant, their financial support statement, and their performance in the interview. 

The benefits of the scholarship

The selected candidate will receive up to AUD 360,000, which will cover tuition fees and related study costs. 
  • They will get an opportunity to earn their undergraduate degree on any one of Monash’s Australian campuses. 
  • They will have the opportunity to intern with leading businesses run by Monash alumni, which will help them gain experience and think about career prospects in their chosen fields. 
  • The scholarship will cover the travel card cost, enabling them to use public transport in Australia. 
  • The scholarship will also cover a return flight to visit their home country in the first year. 
Conditions for maintaining the scholarship

There are certain conditions that have to be maintained for the scholarship to continue. However, proper inquiries will be made to see if there are valid reasons for not maintaining the conditions, and help will be offered. 
  • The selected candidate has to maintain a weighted average mark of 50 or above. 
  • They will also be asked to attend certain events and write progress reports to send to the donors. 

The Singapore alumni ASEAN scholarship aims to help financially disadvantaged students fulfill their career dreams and obtain a high-level education that will enable them to reach their goals. It also gives them a taste of Australian culture and an opportunity to develop valuable skills.

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