The Lesley Shorne memorial scholarship at Flinders University 2022-2023

A Comprehensive Guide on The Lesley Shorne memorial scholarship at Flinders University

Flinders University is a public research university based in South Adelaide, Australia. It is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide with good reason. It has created a name for itself in global research and contemporary education. The university offers more than 500 undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees taught by experts in the field who are focused on the experience and outcome of their students. It is also well versed in the art of remote education, which is beneficial for international students. 

Flinders University offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to domestic and international students to fulfill their career and educational goals. One such scholarship is the Lesley Shorne memorial scholarship which is applicable for postgraduate female students looking to pursue a doctor of medicine degree at a commonwealth-supported place at Flinders University. 

The Lesley Shorne memorial scholarship details 

The Lesley Shorne memorial scholarship was founded in 2011. It was named after Lesley Shorne, who graduated with a medical degree (BMBS) from Flinders University in '84 and went on to become a successful health professional. 

Dr. Shorne was a leading forensic examiner and overcame significant hurdles in the legal and medical processes related to the sexual assault of women. 

Upon her passing in 2010, her family created a scholarship in her name at Flinders University to continue and honor her legacy and enable others to follow in her footsteps of prioritizing women's health and well-being. 

Along with representatives of the college of medicine and public health, the family of Dr. Lesley Shorne will also be part of the committee responsible for selecting a deserving candidate from all the applicants.

The scholarship assists female, mature entry, 'doctor of medicine' students in the financial costs of their associated courses. 

What are the criteria for applying to the program? 

There are certain criteria that applicants have to fulfill in order to be considered eligible for the Dr. Lesley Shorne memorial scholarship, given as follows: 
  • The applicant has to be enrolled in a commonwealth-supported place in the doctor of medicine department at Flinders University. 
  • The applicant has to be a woman who has completed at least 25 years of age on or after January 1st of the year the scholarship is to be awarded. 
  • The applicant has to be dedicated to enhancing the well-being of women in fields like health, education, safety, social justice, poverty, and advocacy. 
  • The applicant should not receive any other major award or scholarship related to their field of study. 
The process of applying for the scholarship 

The application for this scholarship is made online. Interested candidates need to log into the website and click on the 'my scholarships' tab to find the form. The application form is called the 'Lesley Shorne memorial scholarship'. The form has to be submitted before the closing date. 

The selection process for the scholarship 

The selection to receive this scholarship will be based on several factors which will help determine the applicant who is most in need of and will make the best use of this scholarship. 
  • Visible dedication and commitment to women's health and overall well-being. 
  • Financial difficulties or an example of a significant hurdle overcome in order to start or continue pursuing their studies. 
Benefits of the scholarship 

The scholarship recipient will receive $1000 annually for up to 4 years to ease the financial burden associated with applying for the selected course. 


The scholarship has helped a lot of students who had a passion for women's health and social justice and were committed to medicine. Those who were unable to realize their dreams and aspirations in the field of medicine were given better opportunities through this scholarship.

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