All You Should Know About UK Scholarships 2022-2023

All You Should Know About UK Scholarships 2022 - 2023 

There are many different scholarships that universities in the UK provide for students. These scholarships benefit the student in various areas. UK scholarships aim to provide better quality education to all deserving students. Below given is the list of UK scholarships. 

  1. The University of Birmingham Metallurgy and Materials International Achievement Scholarships in the UK for 2022/2023 
Specially designed for international students in programs from Materials Science and Engineering, Nuclear Science and Engineering, and Aerospace engineering, these Metallurgy and Materials International Achievement Scholarships are for all students who have outstanding academics. Students will receive this scholarship before arriving as a student at the University of Birmingham. 


To receive this scholarship, students must have to be eligible or follow the given conditions: 

1. Students must have acquired the results from the given list. 
  •  A-Levels AAB 
  •  IB: 6, 6, 5 from Higher Levels 
  •  HKDSE: 5, 5, 4 
  •  Indian Standard XII ISC, CBSE, Maharashtra 80% overall 
  • Indian Standard XII West Bengal: 75% overall \Indian Standard XII Other State board: 85% overall Malaysian STPM: Grades equivalent to A level grades above 
2. A sponsoring body must not fully pay students' fees. 

3. Students must be categorized as international for fees on their acceptance to the university. 

  • All the students who receive the Metallurgy and Materials International Achievement scholarship will get a £1500 tuition fee discount or cash transfer each year of their undergraduate degree. 
  • All the students who will receive the Metallurgy and Materials International Excellence Scholarship will get a £3000 tuition fee discount or cash transfer during the first year of their undergraduate degree. 
2. University of East Anglia Collaborative Doctoral International Scholarships in the UK for 2022/2023 

This scholarship is given by the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the British Library (BL). At the University of East Anglia, students who receive the scholarship will get the chance to join a profitable Medieval and Early Modern research community, and they will also have access to a host of training opportunities. 

And at the BL, scholar students will get benefit from behind-the-scenes access, learning from other professionals across the library, and they will also get an extensive internal training offer. 


To be eligible for Collaborative Doctoral International Scholarships, the candidates must fulfill the given criteria: 
  1.  Students can be domestic and international. 
  2.  Students must demonstrate an interest in the library sector. 
  • For Ph.D. degrees, this scholarship will pay tuition fees up to the value of the full-time home UKRI rate The scholarship pays full maintenance for both home and international students. For the year 2022/2023, The UKRI National Minimum Doctoral Stipend is £16,062. 
  • The scholarship includes a CDP maintenance payment of £550/year and a London-partner allowance of £1000/year. 
3. Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowships in the UK for 2022/2023 

This scholarship is given every year to early-career researchers. The main aim of this scholarship is to support and help these researchers so that they become future leaders in engineering. 

Eligibility: To apply for Royal Academy Engineering Research fellowship, you must fulfill all the below-given criteria: 

1. Research Fellowships must be held by one of the following qualified institutions that can show it is capable of fully supporting an engineering-focused research project and researcher: a UK higher education institution/university or a UK research organization that is eligible to receive UKRI funding. 
2. Research Fellowships must not be hosted jointly by multiple institutions. 
3. The host institution must agree to provide the Research Fellow with all the support normal for a permanent employee. 
4. The candidate must contact the host institution to gain their formal approval before applying. 
5. The proposed research project by the student should be in an engineering subject area. 
6. No discrimination based on nationality and age. Students from all over the world, as well as students from all age groups, can apply for this scholarship. 
7. These applications will be regarded as new applications. Students could reapply for this scholarship as fresh applicants if their earlier applications were unsuccessful. 
8. Research fellowship will be provided for full five years. Applications for less than five years will not be accepted. Research Fellowships must begin Between 1 August 2023 and 31 October 2023. 
9. There is an application limit. Each host institution can submit a limited number of applications. 
10. An incomplete application or an application that does not follow the given guidelines will get rejected. 11. Once the scholarship application is submitted, it cannot be edited and updated. 

The benefits and worth of this scholarship are given below. 
  1.  With this scholarship, you will get an opportunity to set a research track record. And you will be in a stronger position to apply for additional funding. 
  2.  In this scholarship, you will get mentoring support from an Academy Fellow to offer advice on research and career development 
  3. You will get more time to research, and there will be a reduction in the timing of teaching and administrative duties. 
  4. In this scholarship, you will get training opportunities. 
  5.  You will also get networking opportunities in this scholarship with other Research Fellows and Academy Fellows.
4. Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship in the UK for 2022/2023 

This scholarship aims to provide equal opportunities in higher education for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. This Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship help student meet their potential and dreams.

  1. To get this scholarship, students must qualify for all the below-given criteria: 
  2. To get this scholarship, you should be a person seeking asylum in the UK. 
  3. The student must have been granted discretionary leave to stay or Humanitarian Protection. 
  4. The student must be a partner/dependent included on the application of an asylum seeker in the UK.
  1. A full tuition fee bursary is included in this scholarship. 
  2.  This scholarship will also cover travel fees (related to the course), university subsistence costs, digital equipment, and books. 


These different UK scholarships will help students to achieve their goals. Students from different parts of the world can apply for these UK scholarships. Apart from scholarship money, students will also get a lot of exposure through these scholarships.

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