University of Leeds Psychology International Excellence Scholarships in the UK for 2022-2023

A Comprehensive Guide on University of Leeds Psychology International Excellence Scholarships in the UK for 2022-2023

People crave education, but often the bank balance does not cooperate with the individuals, forcing them to leave their dream of studying. Also, the expense of getting a quality education from the University of Leeds in the field of Psychology is not easy to match. But if you have the right skills to match the toughness of the subject, you will be happy to know that the University of Leeds is offering International Excellence Scholarship in the UK. 

This article will guide you through everything you need to learn about this scholarship and climb the ladder of success. 

What is the University of Leeds Psychology International Excellence Scholarships? 

The Psychology International Excellence Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students who have achieved AAA or equivalent to A or above. The scholarship reduces the tuition fees. 

The scholarship aims to attract the greatest and most brilliant students across the world, regardless of their background. 

The University of Leeds welcomes every talent across the world who have an interest in psychology to boost their career in the same field by applying for the scholarship and getting their tuition fees deducted. 

What is expected of an applicant: 

The students must have the drive and talent to accommodate themselves to the rules and regulations of the University of Leeds. The students are expected to have good communication skills, confidence, and leadership skills. The student must have a positive attitude toward their academic career, be aware of their strength, and yet exude prompt confidence. The students must be passionate about whatever they do. 

The students who qualify for the Psychology International Excellence Scholarships will get an award of 10,000 pounds for BSc Psychology and an amount of 10,000 pounds for Advanced Psychology MPsyc, BSc at the University of Leeds for the academic session 2022/2023. 

Eligibility criteria for the scholarship program: 

The given-below criteria need to be met by the applicants to become qualified for Psychology International Excellence Scholarships: 
  • Students must have achieved AAA or above A. Only performance-based A is accepted. 
  • The self-funding students at the University of Leeds International Foundation year are also eligible. 
  • The students need to be new to the University, self-funded, or should not have received any other fee scholarships, University of Leeds awards, or bursaries.e 
  • International students are eligible for this scholarship.
Essentials to apply for the scholarship: 

For applying for the scholarship, you will need to offer details about your academics, field proficiency, and commitment to bringing a change. Some of the documents that you may need to submit are as follows:
  • Your details like present academic status, contact information, etc. 
  • You may need to offer documents that prove your academic qualification and the institution in which you have studied. 
How to apply? 

You need to apply for the course through UCAS. The deadline needs to be cross-checked by the students who want to apply. The process of applying for international students is also the same. The students may seek help from the network of international representatives regarding eh application. If you are unsure about the process, you can contact the admission team for assistance. 

International students are recommended to read about immigration, visas, and others. International students should apply as early as possible to ensure sufficient time to apply for the visa. 

There is no application necessary. The students will be considered for this scholarship automatically. 


This article has covered almost everything you need to know about the University of Leeds Psychological International Excellence Scholarship in the current year. However, you are always recommended to keep an eye on the official website to know things in detail and fulfill your dream of studying at the University of Leeds.

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