University of the West of England Chancellor’s Scholarships in the UK for 2022-2023

Detailed Insights Into The University of the West of England Chancellor’s Scholarships in the UK for 2022-2023 

Every year the University of the West of England in Bristol offers a scholarship to international students that covers fifty per cent of the tuition fees. In addition, the University offers £100,000 worth of scholarships to deserving students belonging from any corner of the world. 

 The beneficiary of the scholarship will have to accept an internship that includes working within the international office. In addition, recipients will also have to undertake ambassadorial tasks for the University of the West of England throughout their course. 

 Post their graduation programme, recipients will be expected to be an operative associate of the University of the West of England's Bristol Alumni Network. In addition, they will assist the University in promoting its programmes. 

About the University of the West of England 

The University of the West of England is a popular research-based university. The University offers 600 productive disciplines at both the undergraduate and master’s levels. It was awarded the status of a university in the year 1992. 

 Other than this, the University provides students with several short-term and executive courses in the fields of arts, science, business, and many more. In addition, the University of the West of England has performed various national and international level research programmes for which it has received worldwide appreciation. 

 The campuses have well-built facilities for students so that they do not face any academic challenges. As a result, the University is known to have shaped and built the careers of many notable people. 

 Details about the Chancellor’s Scholarship 
  • These are some important details that every candidate must know about the Chancellor's Scholarship: Study level – postgraduation 
  • Scholarship value – covers 50% tuition fees 
  • Duration of the scholarship – an entire academic year 
  • Nationalities eligible – scholarship is for all international students pursuing postgraduation 
Requisites for the University of the West of England Chancellor’s Scholarship 2022-2023 
  • Some important requirements of the scholarship programme are: 
  • The applicants for this scholarship have to be international students 
  • Each applicant must need to have a British first-class undergraduate degree or its corresponding degree Each candidate has to be a new student and be classed as overseas for payment purposes 
  • The applicants must not accept another scholarship to be certified 
Eligibility for application 

Other than the requisites for the Chancellor’s scholarship mentioned above, the students are also required to fulfil the following criteria to be qualified: 
  • The candidate must hold either a conditional or unconditional offer where IELTS or alternative English language is an important condition 
  • The candidates must not have any previous history of education in the United Kingdom 
  • Submit formal documents during the time of application 
Application guidance

On qualifying the eligibility criteria mentioned above, students will be welcome to apply for the applications. If invited, candidates will be sent a link to the online application method. Students need to keep visiting the official website of the University of the West of England to stay updated. 

Application deadline

The applications for the University of the West of England Chancellor's Scholarships in the UK for the academic session 2022-2023 have closed in the last week of May 2022. However, interested applicants can keep an eye on the official university websites for application for the next academic session.


If you are looking forward to building an honourable academic career in the United Kingdom, the University of the West of England Chancellor's Scholarship can be a great option for you. It covers a huge portion of the academic fees, which removes a lot of pressure from the shoulders of international students who are often worried about the enormous loan amounts. In addition, the courses in the reputed University will be a great addition to your CV.

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